Six UC campuses pass divestment resolutions!

Congratulations and thank you to the students of no less than six UC campuses that have now passed resolutions to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
UC Berkeley was the first to pass a resolution back in April 2010. Unfortunately it was immediately vetoed by the student president, and the senate was unable to overturn the veto because of Zionist pressure and intimidation. However, many other universities gained inspiration from Berkeley’s divestment attempt, and decided to follow suit.
UC Irvine was the first UC campus, in Nov 2012, to succeed. UC San Diego was second in March 2013. UC Berkeley finally passed their divestment resolution in April 2013, exactly three years after their legendary pioneering first attempt.
UC Riverside followed, in April 2014, and UC Santa Cruz in May 2014. Now UCLA has just passed its divestment resolution yesterday.
Well done to the magnificent students of these six UC campuses, who withstood intimidation from Zionist organizations, but stoically did not cave in. They have tremendous guts, all of them.
We look forward to the last three campuses following soon.