Block the Boat: The Inside Story, part two


Continuing the story of the block the boat boycott action at the port of Oakland, August 16-20 2014:
Having been delayed for four days, the Israeli ship, the Zim Piraeus, finally left for Russia on Wednesday, August 20th. The block the boat action was a huge success. Contrary to what the mainstream media and Zionist press reported, much of the cargo was NOT unloaded at Oakland. This information was given to us by the dock workers themselves. It has since been verified by many of the Zim customers whom we have been phoning over the last two weeks. Several of them have confirmed that they never received their cargo, that Zim has told them it was going to the Far East, and that they would not get it back again “for some months”. Full details of some of our conversations with the customers are given in this excellent report here:

The Oakland boycott action has had a cumulative effect, as the ship, currently anchored in the bay outside Vostochnyy port in Russia, cannot take on more cargo until it has got rid of the stuff supposed to have been unloaded in Oakland. It has been at anchor there since at least Monday Sept 1st. (I am writing on Thursday Sept 4th.) We can only assume it is waiting for another ship to take its cargo back to Oakland before it can continue to China. Having been delayed both in Oakland and now in Vostochnyy, it is running way behind schedule. You can track its progress (or lack of it) on the cell phone app FindShip, and also here

and also here:
Thursday NOON PDT UPDATE: After a delay of several days, Zim Piraeus has finally moored at the port of Vostochnyy! (It always moves when I am in the shower. )


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  1. It was an honor to participate in the oakland blockade. Thanks for keeping me up to date.

    Peter Anderson
    First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo

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